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The institution began its humble journey from the February of 2013 with a resolute passion to provide education for the children of our great country. This passion by no means is an easy task to accomplish as real education doesn’t mean making the children literate but to make them aware & considerate about the society around us. This shared passion is what “Malgudi vidyanikethan” is all about! 

The institution is chaired by Mr. P Venkataramana who is an able administrator, educator and above all a gentle humanist. He has served the society as a teacher for over twenty years & also has been the former principal of Dayananda Sagar Institute of Technology Bangalore.

A lot can be spoken about our team at Malgudi Vidyanikethan as they are the backbone and pillars of this institution. We believe that for an institution to progress & achieve its goals, the onus lies on the teachers who are the most important & integral part of the process. It is the teachers who are the torch bearers of knowledge & are at the very seat of building a robust & progressive nation. The team at Malgudi vidyanikethan is a group of individual who are very passionate about their job. This aspect of theirs is very evident as you will experience the same during your interactions with them.
The educational institution “Malgudi Vidyanikethan” is a part of the Manasi educational trust & is aiming to be a prodigy in the field of elementary, junior, middle & high school education. Every effort will be made to make this institution a premier place for learning and we will espouse all that is necessary to make it happen!
Our Vision: To see our children living unconditionally happy, relaxed, enjoying & loving life with all its challenges!!