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Malgudi Vidyanikethan | Pre School, Montessori, Primary School Nagarbhavi



I have been an educator for over 4 decades and the institution ‘Malgudi Vidyanikethan’ is a result of my constant endeavour & contribution to create a scared pedestal for likeminded educators to get together and serve the society by bestowing upon ourselves the responsibility and privilege of providing value led life lessons to the future generations of our great land.

As in line with the vision of our organisation, it is my deep rooted urge to imbibe heart in our education system, by imparting knowledge with emotion and value led life experiences to our younger generation. I truly wish to see my country a developed nation standing as a shining example to the world on how a society can thrive in peace, harmony, happiness, health, science, technology, spiritual abundance & wealth which is sufficient for all. I appeal to each one of you to start contributing your bit for a society you want to leave behind for your child  & the future generations to come.

Yours Truly

Mr. P. Venkataramana M.E., F.I.V., M.I.E
Chairman Malgudi Vidyanikethan
Former Principal of Dayananda Sagar Institute of Technology, Bangalore


As a child I always wondered “why should I study any language...? why should I know what 178762+28765 would add up to…? why should I do some science experiment using salt, water and some wire?... Why should I know what happens when two chemicals are mixed? How does all this matter to me anyway?” By the time I got the real meaningful answers to the above questions I was out of school and was staring at an even tougher college life.
Do these thoughts sound familiar? I am sure most of us would say “Yes”. Do we really want our children to think and experience the same? “I would say No”.

In Today’s world our youngsters face a world full of challenges, constantly testing their capabilities & abilities.
At Malgudi Vidyanikethan, we focus on the learning rather than just reading lessons. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and the responsibility given to me to ensure that every child at Malgudi Vidyanikethan walks out to face the world with more knowledge and confidence based on the foundation of lessons learnt at school.

Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.

Mrs. Madhavi
Principal, Malgudi Vidyanikethan


I am honoured to have been given this opportunity by providence to be a part of the journey of this esteemed organisation. My vision for this institution stems from a shared passion of the entire team at ‘Malgudi Vidyanikethan’. It is my humble submission that our children learn from their environment and it is up to us adults to recognise this and provide a caring and nurturing environment during the child’s formative years, for I truly believe in the saying,“ the beliefs you hold at the beginning of a journey define your journey” & as an educator and being in the position of a facilitator, I am duty bound to create a nurturing place for all the stake holders in an stress free environment, to partake in the vibrant development of the our future citizens of the nation. I as part of the team at ‘Malgudi Vidyanikethan’ will be striving to create a future wherein we are proud to announce to the world that we played a part in the development of nation wherein the children who have studied in this institution  bring laurels to the country and entire humanity!

Dream is not that you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.” - APJ Abdul Kalam

Mr. Ajay V
Secretary, Malgudi Vidyanikethan
"Patience with family is love, patience with others is respect. Patience with self is confidence and patience with God is faith."
- Swami Vivekananda -

Delightful Campus

A place for students to be educated through interactive and fun methods of learning, where they express with ample help from educators.

Holistic Learning

Extra-curricular activities to ensure all-round development. We believe in holistic approach of education to achieve happy, balanced, and whole learners.

Student Security

Comprehensive security measures that ensure the safety of students. Safety theme is integrated in our theme based campus.

Virtual Connectivity

This system is helpful to students who wish to attend classes from their homes. This gives a whole new level of experience to the learners.

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