"Dear parents,
The institution “Malgudi Vidyanikethan “ is a result of a deep rooted urge to impart knowledge and life experiences to our younger generation. At Malgudi vidyanikethan it is our honest & sincere attempt to nurture the young budding children into well groomed, cultured and confident adults by doing what we do best.
“To teach patiently & persistently”.
We at Malgudi Vidyanikethan believe that importance must be given to respect and value our culture, also at the same time appreciate international knowledge and values. It is our endeavor to bring out the best in each child. We are gladly looking forward to meet you and share our vision about Malgudi Vidyanikethan."

Yours Truly

Mr. P. Venkataramana M.E., F.I.V., M.I.E
Founder & Chairman
Our Vision: To see our children living unconditionally happy, relaxed, enjoying & loving life with all its challenges!!
Address by the CHAIRMAN:

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