An organization truly succeeds when all its stake holders are in unison & work together to achieve the desired Vision & mission objectives of the organization. Every stake holder is as important as the other in an educational institution. In the educational perspective a successful institution is only possible when all the four pillars of the institution are in harmony with each other, i.e. the children, teachers, administration & parents/guardians. The main objective of this institution is to create a conducive environment wherein each stake holder becomes a contributing member of a collective system with a common objective of creating a better society.
Each one of us must have a fond memory of that one teacher that has shaped our lives and made us who we are toady & since there is already much wisdom on the importance of a teacher in a developed society, we at malgudi pride ourselves about our team of guru’s/ teaching faculty who are one of the most important primary pillars & backbone of the institution!  We believe that for an institution to progress, achieve its goals & thrive, the onus lies on its teachers who are the foundation builders of the institution and society at large. It is the teachers who are the torch bearers of knowledge, wisdom & are at the very seat of building a robust & progressive nation. The teacher’s team at Malgudi is a positively proud group of caring individual who are very passionate about their job. This aspect of ours is very evident as you will experience the same during your interactions with us.

"Beautiful things are not always good but good things are always beautiful"
- Swami Vivekananda -

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