“The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.”

~Mark Van Doren

I have been an educator for over 4 decades and the institution ‘Malgudi Vidyanikethan’ is a result of my constant endeavor & contribution to create a scared pedestal for likeminded educators to get together and serve the society by bestowing upon ourselves the responsibility and privilege of providing value led life lessons to the future generations of our great land.

As in line with the vision of our organization, it is my deep rooted urge to imbibe heart in our education system, by imparting knowledge with emotion and value led life experiences to our younger generation. I truly wish to see my country as a developed nation standing strong as a shining example to the world on how a society can thrive in peace, harmony, happiness, health, science, technology, spiritual abundance & wealth which is sufficient for all. I appeal to each one of you to start contributing your bit for a society you want to leave behind for your child & the future generations to come.

Yours Truly

Mr. P. Venkataramana M.E., F.I.V., M.I.E

Chairman Malgudi Vidyanikethan

Former Principal of Dayananda Sagar Institute of Technology, Bangalore