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Welcome to Malgudi!

An organization truly succeeds when all its stake holders are in unison & work together to achieve the desired Vision & Mission objectives of the organization. Every stake holder is as important as the other in an educational institution. In the educational perspective, a successful institution can thrive only when all the four pillars of the institution are in harmony with each other, i.e. the children, teachers, administration & parents/guardians. The main objective of this institution is to create a conducive environment wherein each stake holder becomes a contributing member of a collective system with a common objective of creating thinking minds and feeling hearts for a better society.

Each one of us must have a fond memory of that one teacher who has shaped our lives and made us who we are today & since there is already much wisdom on the importance of a teacher in a developed society, we at Malgudi pride ourselves about our team of guru’s/ teaching faculty who are one of the most important primary pillars & backbone of the institution! We believe that for an institution to progress, achieve its goals & thrive, the onus lies on its teachers who are the foundation builders of the institution and society at large. It is the teachers who are the torch bearers of knowledge, wisdom & are at the very seat of building a robust & progressive nation. Team Malgudi is a positively proud group of caring, progressive, joyful, creative, evolving individuals who are true to the identity they hold. This aspect of ours is very evident as you will experience the same during your interactions with us.

Get to Know Us

In line with the school’s Vision, the entire TEAM at “Malgudi Vidyanikethan” passionately strives to inspire children by engaging them in custom made learning initiatives & programmes that are intimately intertwined in the prescribed NCERT curricula, which is followed by our school in Nagarbhavi.

To advance the planned learning initiative’s at school we have adopted various pedagogical methods like Montessori methodology, the LEAD educational approach, Mechatronics and Robotics, Coding, Value Education in theory & practice, Communication, other life skills like general etiquettes & mannerisms required to deal in the real world etc. Ultimately, it is a shared dream of TEAM “Malgudi Vidyanikethan”, to inspire its children to live an unconditionally inspiringly progressive happy life.

Malgudi Vidyanikethan Montessori, Primary, Middle & High Schools in Nagarbhavi, South Bangalore, Karnataka is well within the city limits. However it is situated in a quaint green & clean environment surrounded by parks & trees.

The school has naturally well ventilated spaces for engaging its children in a fun learning environment. Malgudi Vidyanikethan's Pre-school (Maria Montessori’s early childhood program for age group 2 to 6 years) also offers Day care facility for its working parents.

The school has a limited number of seats so as to ensure the focus on quality is not compromised with the growth of the institution.

Our Mission

Our mission to create a nurturing, inclusive learning environment that fosters students' potential. The school focuses on lifelong learning, critical thinking, and global citizenship, combining academic excellence with moral and physical development. Collaboration with parents, teachers, and the community helps develop resilient, responsible individuals who positively impact society.

Our Vision

Our vision is to offer comprehensive education, cultivating critical thinkers and global citizens with strong values. Our institution emphasizes academic excellence, moral values, and physical well-being, encouraging collaborations to develop resilient individuals prepared to make a positive impact on society.

Our Leaders

At the heart of our esteemed institution stand our leaders, a group of visionary individuals dedicated to fostering an environment of excellence, innovation, and community. With a profound commitment to the personal and academic growth of every student, our leaders guide our school with unwavering passion and forward-thinking. They embody the values we cherish, inspiring both staff and students to reach new heights. Under their guidance, our school continues to shine as a beacon of learning, nurturing the leaders of tomorrow with integrity, creativity, and a deep sense of social responsibility. Their dedication ensures that our school is not just a place of education, but a vibrant community where every student is empowered to achieve their full potential.

Mr. P. Venkataramana

Founder / Chairman

Mr. Ajay. V


Mrs. Madhavi. P