“Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.”

~Margaret Mead

As a child I always wondered “Why should I study Language or its grammar...? Why should I know what (a+b) would add up to…? Why should I do some science experiment using salt, water and some wire?...Why should I know what happens when two chemicals are mixed? How does all this matter to me anyway?” By the time I got the real meaningful answers to the above questions I was out of school and was staring at an even tougher college life.

Do these thoughts sound familiar? I am sure most of us would say “Yes”. Do we really want our children to think and experience the same? “I would say No”.

In Today’s world our youngsters face a world full of challenges, constantly testing their capabilities & abilities. At Malgudi Vidyanikethan, we focus on the learning rather than just reading lessons. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and the responsibility given to me to ensure that every child at Malgudi Vidyanikethan walks out to face the world with more knowledge, wisdom, winning skill set and confidence based on the experiences of lessons learnt at school.

Mrs. Madhavi. P

Principal, Malgudi Vidyanikethan